Arlo - 11-20 Weeks Cavapoo

This is the next addition of Arlo’s adventures from the first day we brought him home. Our lovable Cavapoo has had us pulling our hair out and laughing uncontrollably during the weeks of 11 to 20. Anyone who has a Cavapoo puppy will relate to this.

Let’s see what he been up to?


puppy getting vaccinated

Since writing part two, Arlo had his second shot of vaccination when he was 13 weeks old. He was pretty good in the vet, besides wanting to jump all over every human being in the waiting room. The needle didn’t make him flinch, and unlike his first dose, this one was administered in to the back of his neck.

There were no side effects and we were able to start walking him in the street a week later, which brings us on to how he reacted to going for walks.

Walking Our Cavapoo For the First Time

Ok, so his first proper walk was a little stressful. Arlo started off by thinking the lead was a toy. He was constantly biting at it while walking in the street. He then became scared of everything from cars to rubbish in the street.

One thing that never bothered him was people — he still wanted to jump over every human in sight — he just loves human beings. Most people would stop and entertain him, but we did get the odd person who wasn’t really impressed at his antics. You kind of get good at judging who the dog lovers are, so you can be prepared for those who aren’t welcoming and keep a shorter lead as they walk past.

One thing that has surprised us a little while walking, is that he still hasn’t pooped or had a wee in the street. I suppose this will come over time.

Sleeping Is Improving

dog sleeping

Arlo goes to bed around 10 o’clock and now sleeps right through till around 6 0’clock. He gets sleepy around 7pm, but still needs placing in the crate, rather than walking in himself. Once in the crate he’s now pretty much as good as gold.

Cavapoo Zoomies

Ok, so Cavapoo dogs are nuts! They will have mad half hours (Zoomies) every day, where they will run around your home like lunatics, jumping up on sofa’s, running in circles and barking at the same time. You can see that they are enjoying themselves, and it is funny, but sometimes we have to try to calm him down in case he hurts himself.

We calm him down by sitting him on our knee and stroking him, if that doesn’t work, we put him in his crate for ten minutes or so, which usually does the trick.

Eating His Food

He eats his dried biscuits when he’s hungry, but we are now thinking about making our own food. This will include veggies, chicken, liver, and other non harmful foods for a dog — I will keep you informed of how that goes.

Potty Training

Arlo is getting better, but we are still having accidents in the home. He knows it’s wrong to do, but he can’t help himself at times and will just do it by the door. While this a little frustrating, we are aware of his age, so patience and persevering is a must.

Separation Anxiety

Our Cavapoo puppy will cry when we go out the room, so I think this is going to take a little bit of time to overcome this. We will be starting operation “cure separation anxiety‘ very soon.

Final Thoughts on Our Cavapoo’s Weeks 11-20

Arlo is nuts, yet lovable. His eating is becoming a little fussy, and his sleep is improving. As for walks, I suppose it’s a case of him getting used to things and then he will hopefully not want to come home so soon, and start to do his business in the street!

Our plan for the next few weeks is to ramp up the dog training for both inside and outside.

Stay tuned for the next update coming soon.

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