Dog Training

Do you want to learn how to train a Cavapoo dog? Do you want to make it the most loving, caring and intelligent dog it can be?

I bet you do.

In fact, I would wager that you’ve been pleading with your Cavapoo to sit and lay down, and all they do is give you that mischievous side-dip look.

As if you’re from another planet. 

Or perhaps, you’re having issues with house training, jumping up, or stopping them from biting your clothes?

And then there’s the big one — separation anxiety! Yes, this can cause all kinds of issues and stress for both owner, dog, and neighbours!

Well, here’s the news flash — every Cavapoo owner is desperate to have a well behaved obedient dog.

And here’s the good news.

You can have an obedient dog — all it takes is patience and a correct set of instructions.

And that’s where this dog training guide can help you.

It provides the keys to unlocking the magic of Cavapoo training.

You can dive into a world of proven techniques and practical tips that will transform your cute little rascal into the best-behaved Cavapoo in the park. 

Are you ready for the challenge? 


Let’s jump right into this dog training series and create a bond with your Cavapoo that’s as strong as their wagging tail when you get the treats out.

This will be a mini series of articles split into multiple sections. We’ll start with the basic steps and then move on to the more advanced stuff. 

Sounds good?

Great, let’s start with the training kit you will need.

Training Supplies Needed To Train A Cavapoo Correctly 

You’re going to need dog accessories and training supplies for not only training but also for your dog’s everyday life. You probably already have a few essential items like a lead, bowl, and dog bed, etc, which is great. However, it’s crucial to have specific items when training your Cavapoo.

Here is a list of the essential kit needed for training your dog.

Cavapoo Dog Treats

Dog Treats

A big part of training your Cavapoo will consist of using dog treats, so let’s start there.

You will need to have a dog treat that your dog loves. This could be mini pieces of chicken, cut up squares of sausages, or a bag of treats purchased from your favourite pet store.

If you want to know what the best dog treats are to buy, then typically, it’s the ones that your pooch loves. You will know your dog better than anyone else, so try to use the treats that they love the most.

If money is an issue, which let’s be honest, it is for many people nowadays, then you can use a cheap alternative, such as using the kibbles you feed your dog. For example, if you feed your dog dried food then one of those tiny kibbles can be used as a treat. You don’t have to spend extra on treats if money is tight — your dog will still want to eat them.

Dog Lead (You need two)

Woman walking Cavapoo dog on a lead

Get yourself a decent lead for walking and one for recall training. It’s recommended to buy a good quality lead as it will save you money in the long run. The small lead should be about minimum of 1m and the training lead will be significantly longer, typically between 4-6m.

Dog Harness

A well-fitted dog harness has many benefits and will make your life easier while dog training. It will also provide comfort to your dog. The best dog harnesses are strong, light-weight, and escape proof. One of the best options are Ruffwear and Julius k-9.

Dog Toys

A selection of toys are recommended to assist you while training your Cavapoo. You will want to purchase chew toys such as Kongs. Also, get yourself balls on a rope, and more than one. Other toys are tug of war rope and interactive toys — interactive toys have many benefits and will assist your dog’s mental stimulation and much more

Dog Training Clicker

Dog training clickers are a great way to train your dog and get their attention while doing so. They can help your dog to understand that they are about to receive a treat for doing something right.

They are inexpensive, and can be purchased from Amazon or most pet stores.

Buy Dog Training Kit Wisely

The above dog training supplies are all you typically need to get going with your training. It’s a good idea to purchase quality when it comes to leads and harnesses because it will save you money in the long run. They will typically be stronger, and won’t need replacing as much.

As for toys, these are relatively cheap anyway, but if possible, always try to purchase good brands like Kong.

The First Steps For Cavapoo Training 

With the basic training kit out the way, let’s now touch on the first things you should do when training your pooch. These steps aren’t necessarily tricks like ‘sit down’ or roll or ‘come back’ so I won’t elaborate too much in this guide, but they are important primers for overall training. 

Potty Training Your Puppy Cavapoo

cavapoo potty train

Ok, so potty training is probably the first thing you want to master. Nobody wants to see pee and poop all over the house for obvious reasons, so it’s understandable that most owners want to get a house trained dog as soon as possible.

I’m not going to go deep into potty training in this article because I have already written a complete guide on how to potty train a Cavapoo within a month. However it’s worth reminding you to start with the potty training immediately and be persistent. You should feel as though you are constantly taking them outside to pee and poop in the early days. If you feel like this, you’re doing it right. 

The above guide offers lots of tips and tricks, so feel free to read if you are struggling with potty training your dog.

You need to feel as though you are constantly taking them outside to pee and poop in the early days. If you feel like this, you’re doing it right. 

Socialising A Cavapoo

Puppy Socialising

Just like potty training, you should start to socialise your dogs as soon as you get them. This can be done even before vaccinations — just make sure you keep them away from other dogs and public parks etc.

For example, you can take an unvaccinated puppy to the park, but instead of letting them down, you sit on a bench and hold it. Let the puppy get used to sounds and people walking past. This is a good first step to socialising your dog.

Side note: If another owner or dog approaches, simply and politely remind them that your puppy is not fully vaccinated yet, so you can’t introduce them to their dog.

Once your Cavapoo is fully vaccinated and ready to go out, you should start to take them on walks and visits to the park to get used to other dogs. You could also consider puppy training classes.

By socialising your dog early, you will help to avoid distraction when training them. For example, if they’re not used to seeing other dogs or people, they will become distracted easier, and also may become fearful, which will make training so much harder.

Separation Anxiety (Quite Common in Cavapoo Dogs)

separation anxiety in a dog

Separation anxiety is a common trait with Cavapoos. Does your poop cry as soon as you leave the room? I bet it does because most do.

Just like potty training I have written an in-depth guide on how to stop separation anxiety in a Cavapoo, so I won’t go into too much detail in this guide.

However, the takeaway thing about separation anxiety in dogs is that it’s best to use a staged and progressive approach to overcoming it. It’s all about preparation and pre-planning.

The above guide will walk you through it within 7 clear steps.

Ok, so that’s the basic tips out the way, let’s now move on to some effective training advice for your dog.

How To Teach Your Cavapoo To Sit And lay Down

Sitting and getting your dog to lay down are two of the most common dog training commands. If you can get your dog to do either of these as soon as you command, then you will be half way there with your training.

Let’s start with the basic sit down command

It’s pretty easy to get your pooch to sit down when you have food, but getting them to sit at other times can be a bit more challenging. The trick is to make them understand that they get rewarded with treats, attention, or walks when they sit down for you.

The first steps are to have your dog sitting, and like most training methods, a treat will work wonders. 

Step by Step Approach To Get Your Cavapoo To Sit

  1. Take a small treat in your hand and hold it up at around waist height, so that it’s level with your dog’s face.
  2. Slowly start to raise the treat above their head in an upward movement, going slightly behind their head.
  3. You will notice your dog’s eyes start to follow.
  4. As your Cavapoo starts to follow the treat, it will become natural for them to sit down as it goes out of view. They do this so they can see the treat.
  5. As soon as this happens, you should say ‘good boy’ and give them the treat.

The next step is to repeat the above steps but this time wait a few seconds before rewarding them. Each time try to lengthen the time from sitting down to receiving the treat. You should be able to get to 15 seconds pretty quickly.

Once you have mastered the above, your next step is to try and get your dog to sit when there are distractions. The benefit of this is that your dog will sit when you have visitors, or there is another dog present. We achieve this by displaying some simple distraction methods before rewarding them.

Follow the steps above, but before giving the treat, you should wave your arm around or jump up in the air a few times to see how they react. If they stand up, don’t give them a treat. If they continue to sit, say good boy and give the treat.

One last step is to try and get them to sit while you walk away from them. This could be to go and get the ball or pick an item off the floor i.e. dog poo, broken glass, etc. You should follow the previous steps, but when they sit, you walk a few yards away from them and pick up the item. 

If they stay sat down during this time, you walk back to them and reward them. If they don’t you go back and try again.

The above steps and actions will have your dog sitting at your command whether there are distractions or not. By persisting with this training, you Cavapoo will be an expert at sitting down. The key is persistence and using a wide range of distractions during training.

Now let’s move on to Laying down

Getting your Cavapoo to lay down is the follow-on from the sit down. I say follow on because the training procedure starts after you have your dog sitting down. The trick again will use a treat as a reward.

Step by Step Approach To Get Your Cavapoo To Lay Down

  1. Get your dog to sit down by following the steps above. Once they are in the sitting position you will need to grab a treat in your hand and show it to your dog.
  2. As you notice your dog looking at the treat you will lower the treat slowly to the floor and let your pooch eat the treat on the floor. (This approach is opposite to sitting down because the rewards are coming from below and not above.
  3. After doing this a few times, the next step is to slowly move it towards you as if you are luring them forward. You will likely notice that they lay down as they go to eat the treat. Once they do this, say ‘good boy’ and give the treat.
  4. Repeat until your dog is laying down each time for the treat.

The next step is to move away from them and keep them laying down. If they succeed you give the treat. The way to do it is to take a step back, if they stay lying down, you go back and give reward. After this, you start with two steps, then reward, and then three, four and so on.

Your dog will learn to realise that they get rewards by staying in the laying down position.

The final stage is to keep them laying down when there is a distraction. You will need another person to help you with this. When your dog is laying down, ask a friend or family member to walk past singing a song. If your dog jumps up then, you repeat the ‘lay down command, and reward if they do so. 

You should repeat this until your Cavapoo remains laying down. If you want to test the boundaries further, experiment with the other person having food in the hands or whistling etc. This will help to keep your dog from being distracted in the long run.

If you can master the sit and lay down, then as mentioned earlier, you are halfway there with the training.

Wrapping Up Part One Of Cavapoo Training

You now have the first stages of training advice for your Cavapoo. By now, you should understand the primer basics, and also how to get your dog to sit and lay down. You also know how to do this when distractions are around your pooch, which will come in handy when out and about with your dog.

In part two, we will move the training further with more advanced methods like recalling your dog and how to get them to halt immediately. These methods are really useful to learn and will make your dog’s life safer and more enjoyable.

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